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Playground Tee

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  • Made of Cotton/Polyester blend fabric..
  • Designed printed on front and back.
  • Prayers printed on the inside beneath the collar.
  • Prayers available in English and Spanish.

English Prayer:

"Dear God,

Thank you so much for dispatching your angels around our innocent children as they play. The world is not always a safe place, but by your strength this child will be safe and free from falling. I pray they hear and know your voice for wisdom and direction.


Spanish Prayer:

"Querido Dios

Muchas gracias por enviar tus ángeles para proteger a los niños inocentes mientras juegan. Este mundo no es un lugar seguro, pero con Tu misericordia este niño(a) estará a salvo y libre de todo peligro. Mi oración es que pueda escuchar tu voz para obtener tu dirección y sabiduría.



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About Prayerwear

Prayer Wear is a unique clothing line with a prayer actually printed on the back inside collar of the garments reminding us who really has our backs. For each garment purchased another is given to a child in need. Help Pay-It-Forward playing a part in making a difference in this world.

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