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Are you looking to make extra cash to expand your church or business, are you wanting to give to a mission but in these economic times having a hard time finding the money it takes?  Well your prayers have been answered! Become an affiliate and work alongside Prayer Wear Paying It Forward while making the extra dollars to fulfill your dreams without any out of pocket cost to you. 

Prayer Wear will supply you with the tools you need.  Sign up as an affiliate and you will have your own URL so you can email your friends, clients, business partners, church members, study groups etc.  Put it on your Facebook page or web site.  Every time someone clicks it will go directly to Prayer Wear and you will earn 10 percent of all sales.  Let's get started. We will all be blessed while putting the power of prayer on children worldwide.


About Prayerwear

Prayer Wear is a unique clothing line with a prayer actually printed on the back inside collar of the garments reminding us who really has our backs. For each garment purchased another is given to a child in need. Help Pay-It-Forward playing a part in making a difference in this world.

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