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What does a Pastor, Marketing Wiz and a visual artist have in common? 

The love for God’s most precious creation, His innocent children.  Prayer Wear was born into a world filled with confusion and chaos as an advocate of peace and protections for God’s little ones.  Everyone wears clothes but what about wearing clothing with a prayer.  Imagine wearing the power of prayer physically on your back. 

We have created a garment that not only looks good, feels good but also reminds you of who’s really got your back!  Original designs and prayers printed right here in the USA supporting our fellow Americans. Check out our Affiliate Program and see how to make extra dollars while partnering with Prayer Wear to PAY IT FORWARD. We are very passionate about giving back, for each garment purchased another will be paid forward to a children’s charity.  Thru our missions department we will be offering opportunities to develop relationships with the recipients of the Buy One Give One.

Our team will be organizing tangible opportunities to teach everyday children what it means to help serve and help someone less fortunate.  After all seeing is believing to a child,  let’s enrich them with the feeling of giving rather than receiving. The marketing department at Prayer Wear is willing to go above and beyond creating Customized Promotions for your church, organization, school…the possibilities are endless.  Feel free to contact, let’s work together making a difference.


About Prayerwear

Prayer Wear is a unique clothing line with a prayer actually printed on the back inside collar of the garments reminding us who really has our backs. For each garment purchased another is given to a child in need. Help Pay-It-Forward playing a part in making a difference in this world.

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